Brother Louie...(Modern Talking)Dear, love is a burning fire 親愛的,愛是燃燒的火焰Stay, cause then the flames grow higher 留下,因為那樣火就會更大Babe, 591don't let him steel your heart 寶貝,不要讓他使你變得冷酷It's easy - easy 這很簡單─簡單Girl, this game can't last forever 女孩,這場遊戲該結新成屋束了Why we cannot live together 為什麼我們不能生活在一起Try - don't let him take your love from me 試─不要讓他拿走你對我的愛You're no good, 房屋買賣can't you see brother louie, louie, louie 你一點都不好,你不明白嗎?路易兄弟,路易,路易I'm in love - set you free 我戀愛了─放你走Oh, she's only 買屋looking to me 噢,她在看我Only love breaks her heart brother louie, louie, louie 只有愛能傷她的心路易兄弟,路易,路易Only love's paradise 只有愛是天堂房屋二胎Oh - she's only looking to me 噢─她是在看我Brother louie, louie, louie 路易兄弟,路易,路易,路易Oh, she's only looking to me 噢,她在看我Oh, 房地產let it louie 噢,就准許這一切吧路易She is undercover 她正在偷偷地進行Brother louie, louie, louie 路易兄弟,路易,路易Oh, doing what he's doing 噢,做景觀設計著他做的事So, leave it louie 所以,離開它吧路易Cause i'm her lover 因為我是她的愛人 Stay, cause this boy wants to gamble 請留下,因為這個男孩想要賭博系統傢俱Stay, love is more than he can handle, girl 請留下,他沒有能力處理愛,女孩Oh, come on stay by me forever, ever 噢,來吧永遠留在我身邊,永遠Why does he go 房屋貸款on pretending 為什麼他還繼續假裝That - his love is never ending fate 以為他的愛從不會因命運而結束Babe, don't let him steel your love from me 寶貝,不租屋網要讓他冷卻你對我的愛情  
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